Hage drivhus mini polykarbonat

Hage drivhus mini polykarbonat

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Mini greenhouse, garden tunnel, 108x56x40cm
Protecting plants and vegetables against harmful atmospheric conditions

Garden greenhouse for growing plants and vegetables in the garden. Made of durable, unbreakable plastic. It will provide effective protection against wind, rain and UV radiation. The double door opens upwards for easy access to the inside. Stable aluminum construction. Simple assembly and disassembly.

Product features:
Greenhouse for growing plants and vegetables,
UV protection,
Unbreakable polycarbonate,
2 chambers facilitate access to the center,
Simple assembly and disassembly,
Solid performance,
Durable construction.
  • Vekt: 30 kg
  • 1000 stk. på lager
  • Garanti: 2 år
  • Leveringstid: ca. 2 uker