Kjøkkenmøbler sett TAMAT

Kjøkkenmøbler sett TAMAT

4,647.06 NOK

MVA ikke inkludert / Pluss transport

Family Line 260 Modern - TAMAT

Width: 260 cm
Depth of upper cabinets: 30 cm
Depth of lower cabinets: 46 cm
Height of upper cabinets: 72 cm
Height of bottom cabinets: 82 cm

Front color: creamy oak.
Body color: gray grenola / wenge / walnut guarneri.
* The pricing does not include kitchen technology, household appliances and accessories.
SETS 260 are designed for the lowest prices.
The set 260 includes five cabinets, plinths, beige floor tops. The set can also be ordered without counters corresponding to the width of the lower cabinet (80 and 40 cm) and separately buy counters of selected length and color. Handles not included - their choice belongs to the customer.
  • Modell: TAMAT
  • Vekt: 130 kg
  • 1000 stk. på lager
  • Garanti: 2 år
  • Leveringstid: ca. 2 uker