Eksklusivt bord, furuskog, stål og harpiks, 77 x 77 x 53

Eksklusivt bord, furuskog, stål og harpiks, 77 x 77 x 53

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Beautiful and exclusive coffee table made by hand with great attention to details. *

The top of the table is made of very durable epoxy resin, embedded pine wood, used ammo shells and artificial flowers.

The legs are made of a bent rod with a diameter of 12mm, covered with a layer of clear lacquer.

Surface resistant to scratches and suitable for polishing.

Handmade! there is only one table like this! The perfect gift for a hunter.

- material: ash wood, steel, transparent epoxy resin, used shotgun shells
- length: 77 cm
- width: 77 cm
- Height: 53 cm
- thickness of the top: 4 cm
- weight: about 35 kg, 40 kg with packaging

There is a possibility of making any table or a custom kitchen worktop on your wishes.

We make different resin products.

* this particular model has imperfections in the form of air bubbles, microcracks and natural discoloration of pine wood.
  • Modell: resinST2
  • Vekt: 40 kg
  • 1 stk. på lager
  • Garanti: 2 år
  • Leveringstid: ca. 2 uker