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Perfect combination of durability and wood aesthetics.


- Classic and elegant design coherent with current architectural trends.
- Great selection of colours for the interior thanks to the wide colour palette for aluminum and wood.
- Lots of design possibilities regarding the shapes – from rectangles, trapezoids, arches, circles and other non-standard shapes.
- Great parameters in energy efficiency and sound insulation.
- High safety level guaranteed by the stability of aluminum profile combined with high-quality Maco fittings.
- Easy for upkeep and care, thanks to the external aluminum profile.


- Possibility to choose between profiles with three installation depths: 68mm, 78mm, 88 mm in three types of wood: three- or four-layer solid square timber: meranti 450+, pine and larch, with aluminum clad on the outside.
- Glass – Two-glass package with 24 mm thickness in standard, with thermal transmittance coefficient Ug = 1,0 W/(m2K) according to the PN-EN674 norm; the possibility to apply two-, three- or four-glass packages

For Duoline 68 mm – max. glass package thickness is 42 mm with thermal transmittance coefficient - Ug = 0,6 W/(m2K).
For Duoline 78 mm – max. glass package thickness is 48 mm with thermal transmittance coefficient - Ug = 0,5 W/(m2K).
For Duoline 88 mm – max. glass package thickness is 50 mm with thermal transmittance coefficient - Ug = 0,5 W/(m2K) with three-glass package and Ug = 0,3 W/(m2K) with four-glass package with krypton.

The possibility to apply glass with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornament or solar protective.

- Maco Multi Matic KS; Two anti-burglary bolts in standard; window is equipped with sash lifting and handle missplacement blockage*; micro-ventilation in a slot **; optionally hidden hinges.
*Depending on the window height
**for tilt and turn windows

  • Modell: DUOLINE
  • 1000 stk. på lager
  • Garanti: 5 år
  • Leveringstid: ca. 2-4 uker