Frames are made of hot-dip galvanized steel profiles (the galvanizing process is carried out after complete assembly.) Do not frame the finished galvanized components and then weld or drill them - they will rust.) Pens filled: Tubes with a spacing of 5 cm (for puppies or tiny dogs and miniatures) With a pitch of 8 cm for medium and large dogs For cats with 5x5 cm mesh welded mesh or boards For cats, dogs can NOT be made of net - dogs are "caught" in the mesh mesh netting breaking them, additionally dogs seeing the net or thin wires have trouble accommodating the eye. In addition, the net dog enters the ladder. Modular galvanized construction allows: Easy free assembly "like LEGO bricks" The pen is not allowed to paint with paint - the dog's urine is so strong that on painted parts after 1 month the paint will peel off and fall off (even powder and galvanic galvanic). There is no problem with hot-dip galvanized parts, the zinc fire is permanently bonded to steel. Possibility of further development, configuration of kits according to own solutions. Possibility to buy items themselves.

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